15 Things That Make Silicon Valley The Most Realistic Comedy on TV

Originally Published on TheThings.com on April 05, 2017

When it comes to developing and producing a sitcom, especially on a network like HBO, keeping a perfect balance of ROFL-worthy jokes and moments of harsh reality can be a serious feat. However, it is one Mike Judge and Alec Berg nail with Silicon Valley. If you don’t watch the show, I strongly recommend that you start because contrary to what its title suggests, the series speaks to a much wider audience on so many levels than most think and is more than just a satirical depiction of the mecca of technology with silly “nerd” culture jokes. Or a high-brow and profane rendition of The Big Bang Theory.

In addition to its ability to consistently make you laugh your head off, the HBO hit also gets too real for me and probably a lot of people regardless of their field and circumstances as millennials. Three seasons with rave reviews and dozens of accolades in, Silicon Valley is now easily one of the most masterfully put together comedies on television and will be back on HBO with its fourth season on April 23. Good news: binge-watching the 28 episodes that have aired until then is totally doable.

15. Richard Hendricks Is Relatable and Adorable AF

Via: Giphy/HBO

Richard Hendricks –brilliantly portrayed by Thomas Middleditch who may be one the most underrated comedic actors on television— is an awkward and brilliant engineer who writes a game-changing compression algorithm. The incomparable value of his algorithm puts him in f**k-or-get-f**ked situations he is not exactly equipped for once he turns his idea into a company and has to battle the rulers of the tech industry.

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