Will & Grace Reboot: Waiting for Karen Walker’s Return

Will & Grace was campy, formulaic, and often reduced gay men to stereotypes, but it was pretty much the only mainstream gay representation we had on television at the height of its popularity. Considering the time of its conception and broadcast, it was still a big milestone and significant stride made iconic by its sharp, witty writing and talented cast. I practically grew up with the show just as a lot of gay people of my generation, and it somehow made us feel “seen” and made as much political and social commentary as its platform and format allowed at the time.

Of course, as pure entertainment, I think we can all admit it that Karen Walker, aka Anastasia Beaverhausen, was and will always be the highlight and most hilarious aspect of Will & Grace thanks to the genius of Megan Mullally. And now that the show’s coming back in the fall for a 10-episode reunion, we must take a moment and remember everything that makes our Count Drunkula, Karen Walker, a television legend and prepare for her return. Read the full article on TheThings.com!


Karen Assigned GIF tumblr
Via: Giphy/NBC




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