“Marvel”ous Jessica Jones

Something about Jessica Jones… It’s fresh and thrilling. I mean superhero movies and series have sort of played themselves out, but Jessica Jones might seriously change your mind as you are witnessing the raw charisma and magnetism of Krysten Ritter.


In case you’re not familiar with this Marvel character, she has super-human strength – able to throw a guy twice her size across the room kind of strength. The storyline is mostly about her trying to hunt down a mysterious dude named Kilgrave; he can control people’s minds. While mind control isn’t possible in real life, people can still be very easily persuaded and controlled in more subtle and less magical ways, so in that respect, the show has some detectable depth.

I wasn’t even very excited about the show to begin with. I received a text from a close friend (my tv review buddy) about it. I got a tub of ice cream, got comfortable, and got started. As I was watching each episode, I kept expecting to be disappointed or overwhelmed with superhero cliches, but no, Jessica Jones is both a well-executed character study and a depiction of how messed up people can be. It’s not all that hopeful, and I think that’s what makes it significantly different. She’s not saving the world; she is trying to survive just like the rest of us. Yeah, okay, she kicks the shit out of some asshole now and then, which, by the way, is utterly satisfying, but she is kind of a “brooding” and dark superhero without an annoyingly prominent moral compass. She’s an anti-superhero if that’s a thing.

One of the best things about the show is the haphazard narration; it comes out of nowhere, not overdone, and when it occurs, it’s profound. Maybe it is not so haphazard as they are so well-placed; it usually happens when you genuinely want to know what Jessica is thinking at that particular moment.

On some level, I always knew Krysten Ritter was going to be involved in something big.  On the other hand, while I have always thought Rachael Taylor was talented and gorgeous, I feel like she always plays the same type of characters that lack depth; remember 666 Park Avenue? She just couldn’t get me to feel for her.

To no one’s surprise, David Tennant and Carrie-Anne Moss are phenomenal as always. I love Carrie as a little bit of a cold-hearted bitch, for the lack of a term I want to use. I truly dig Mike Colter as Luke; it’s weird seeing him as a good guy after The Good Wife. He is one breath-taking and talented specimen, though, so I have zero complaints. Also, if anyone is interested, Mike Colter and Billy Brown are my current obsessions.

An interesting fact about the show that its cast is comprised of American, Canadian, British (Scottish), and Australian actors – a very talented group of them. The landscape of American television and motion pictures is way past the point of giving a damn about sticking to American actors more like they used to. Plus, Australia is pretty much in the business of producing hot and talented actors that just cannot be overlooked. Think about it. Although, the show does lack diversity; I presume Netflix thought it’s given us enough of that with Sense8. I jest.

I’m so impressed and excited about this show that I will give Daredevil another chance. Jessica Jones is a fresh breath of air and has made a few days of this week tolerable. Very much worth a watch and more.

Side Note: “Send the picture, save the junkie” is a lot better than “Save the cheerleader, save the world.”


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